Steel springs

Disc springs - designed to carry heavy loads with small dimensions.They have the shape of a truncated cone with a hole in the center.

Specifications of our disc springs:

Sheet (strip) thickness:0.2-5.0 mm
Dimensions:Maximum outer diameter: 200 mm.
How do disc springs work?

Disc springs, are washer type elements in the shape of conical rings with a hole cut in the center. Disc springs are used individually or in stacks, in which case the springs, are placed one on top of the other. Calculations for disc springs, despite their simple design, can be complicated, and the composition of disc spring packages is usually difficult. However, disc springs are essential components in many machines and industries because of their ability to efficiently store and release energy.

The disc springs work by storing energy when they are compressed. When the force is removed, the disks relax and release the stored energy, returning to their original shape. This makes disc springs ideal for applications requiring high output force in a confined space, such as mechanical braking systems, CNC machines and pipe supports for industrial piping. The most common type of disc springs is DIN 2093, In addition to such springs, we also offer springs with non-standard dimensions specified by the customer.