The high qualifications of our employees, many years of experience and great manufacturing capabilities of the GRZEŚKOWIAK SPRINGS MANUFACTURING YARD allow our customers to place the highest demands on the quality and range of springs we produce.

We understand the needs and expectations of GRZEŚKOWIAK SPRING MANUFACTURING's customers and consistently strive to meet them and even exceed them. In addition to the stable quality of springs, confirmed by tests in our own quality control laboratory, we serve our customers with specialized knowledge and experience in many aspects related to our products.

Continuous improvement of the quality management system, meeting the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001, employee involvement and the adopted process approach, allows us to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization and enables us to offer our customers springs with an exceptionally good value for money.

The Quality Policy formulated by us in this way is the basis for all activities of GRZEŚKOWIAK SPRINGS MANUFACTURING.

We implement it through, among other things:

  • Continuous expansion of the range of springs produced;
  • Developing good cooperation with our partners;
  • Improving the production process;
  • Upgrading the machine park with specialized equipment and tooling.
  • Continuous improvement of our employees' skills.

The formulation of the Quality Policy and the definition of the company's objectives are the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001 Quality System. Since the beginning of 2001, we have been implementing a system in accordance with ISO 9001. Twelve months of implementation work culminated in a certification audit, and in March 2002 we received a CERTIFICATE, confirming the compliance of the functioning Quality System with the ISO 9002 standard. Over the following years, in accordance with the changing standards of the ISO 9000 series, our system was adapted to the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001, and then ISO 9001:2015.

The company conducts surveillance audits at annual intervals and recertification audits at three-year intervals. This ensures that the quality system is maintained and improved.

The current certificate confirming our system's compliance with the aforementioned standards was issued by the English certification body DAS Ceertification and is valid until July 16, 2022.


Obtaining the PN-EN ISO 9001 certificate is treated by our company as a commitment to maintain the high quality of manufactured springs, openness of the company towards customers and the beginning of the road to a wide program of activities aimed at improving the quality assurance system.

The realization of these goals creates an image of a company that has been noticed and appreciated not only by customers, but also by regional local authorities. In recognition of the professionalism, knowledge and skills of its employees, reliability in the execution of orders and attention to customer satisfaction, on December 11, 2002. Grześkowiak Spring Factory received the "Wielkopolska Quality 2002" Certificate. This prestigious award was granted by the Wielkopolska Quality Institute.